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Don’t you love a good Italian Restaurant?

All the aromas, welcome atmosphere, and happy people? But have you ever wondered about all the different types of pasta? What is the difference between tortellini and ziti? Vermicelli looks similar to spaghetti, why not call it spaghetti?

There is macaroni, fettucine, penne, gnocchi, rigatoni, and couscous. Ravioli, elbow, penne, shells, and bow ties! That are just a few! Pairing the right pasta with the appropriate use is just as important as the correct sauce to not only complement the meal, but make it visually appealing. Lasagna made with elbow macaroni would not only be a disaster, but would not hold up to the layers of sauce and ricotta we see in a lasagna dish. Angel Hair pasta is generally paired with lighter sauces and would not be half as appealing with alphabet pasta! There is definitely a pasta to complement every pasta dish and make a big difference to overall satisfaction.

Penne is a great pasta to use in chunkier sauces that are baked. The texture of penne rigate holds up to chunky meat sauces, and virtually any sauce. There are over 300 different pasta sizes, shapes, and textures that can be used to make a dish go from plan to fabulous. The most popular dishes according to American Pasta Report are spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni and cheese, fettucine, linguine, elbow, pasta salad, and angel hair. Ravioli is a crowd favorite and not sure why that’s not in the list, but doesn’t Lobster Ravioli just make your mouth hungry?

Interestingly, pasta dates back to 1154 in Sicily according to Wikipedia. Some sources say Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy in the 13th century. The first pasta factory was built in 1848 by a Frenchman in America. Pasta is a noodle made from unleavened dough, or semolina mixed with water and eggs. Pasta can be cooked in a sauce or as a condiment, used in a soup, baked in a dish, or used in salads. Pasta has no sugar naturally and ½ cup of spaghetti is just 99 calories! Pasta is a great source of sustain energy that will turn into glucose-fuel for your brain and muscles. Many athletes pasta load before an event to have sustained slow release of energy. Some individuals have sensitivity to gluten and more restaurants are catering to that specific need.


Let’s talk about the Italian Dishes:

Gnocchi Bolognese-homemade potato pasta with fresh basil in a Chianti Bolognese sauce (meat sauce)

Pasta Primavera-Fresh garden vegetables with homemade pesto sauce on a bed of fresh angel hair pasta

Rigatoni Rosso- Fresh rigatoni pasta, sweet basil, mozzarella cheese, romano cheese with a Bolognese Chiani meat sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara-Thinly sliced prosciutto di Parma, red onions, garlic, romano cream sauce atop fresh spaghetti

Penne Arrabbiata-Penne pasta tossed with organic virgin garlic olive oil, fresh chili pepper, and Russo’s marinara sauce

Baked Ziti-penne pasta, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, pecorino romano, sweet basil, with homemade marinera sauce

Lasagna-fresh pasta layered with beef, Italian cheeses, and Chianti braised meat sauce.

Pasta di Mare-Fresh shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari swirled together in a spicy Pinot Grigio marinara sauce, served over fresh spaghetti.

Are you hungry for some good Italian food?

Russo’s NY Pizzeria has these dishes listed and many more salads, sandwiches, soups, calzones, and even dishes with kale and gluten free alternatives. Of course pizza in many varieties, specialty pizzas, 28” Party Pizza’s are always a favorite! We specialize in Italian, so give us a try and Mangia Bene!


3 Great Locations!


Conroe                                                                      The Woodlands

3915 W. Davis                                                           3335 College Park Dr

Conroe, 77304                                                           The Woodlands, 77384

(in the HEB Shopping Center)                                   (across from Lone Star College)                

Twitter@RussosConroe                                             Twitter@RussosPizzeria

936.539.5900                                                             936.273.6060


                     24230 Kuykendahl Rd

                   Tomball, 77375

                                (Spring Marketplace Shopping Center)





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Don’t panic! You know that right after Halloween, the Holidays are right around the corner. Yes, that close! But it’s like running a marathon, one mile at a time (room at a time) will get you to the finish line to receive guests with a smile on your face. Never let them see you sweat or in this case-see how hard you worked to make the house shine.

Where to start?

You need a plan. Let’s prioritize the list:



Guest rooms

Baseboards and mirrors


Floors- including carpets


Holiday Serving

Windows-clean before you decorate. Do you want a professional window cleaner? Schedule this now! Many window cleaners now have an added fragrance. Nice touch to add a cinnamon smell. Don’t forget to pick up moistened window wipes for quick touch ups weekly.

Bathrooms-sink, counter, mirror, bathtub/shower, toilet, baseboards, and floor. After you clean, make sure you have disposable cleaning wipes under the sink for easy quick wipe ups. All non-essential items should be removed to keep the bathroom free and simple. What about picking up some decorative hand soap and disposable hand towels?

Guest Rooms-start with cleaning all the linens and fluffing. Remove all clutter and either store under the bed in a box or remove completely from the room permanently. Do you have a small basket of toiletries you can leave on dresser with a clean set of towels for guests?

Baseboards and Mirrors- by cleaning the baseboards first before the floors you won’t be doing double duty with dust bunnies hitting the floor. Mirrors are important because people really do check themselves out every time they pass a mirror in your house. You do not want spots on your mirrors!

Kitchen- the kitchen is where guests and families generally gather. Holidays are about food! Check out your pantry. Do you need to throw stuff out? What about the refrigerator? It’s probably time for a good cleaning. Wait until it’s almost empty of food-day before you grocery shop. Baking soda is a great deodorizer and cleaner to use in the fridge. Have you looked at your silverware and glasses lately? Take a closer look and see if maybe they need a good handwashing.

Floors- good to leave last since constant traffic makes this more difficult to keep clean. Are you going to have carpets cleaned? Need to schedule this soon. A good carpet cleaning is well worth the effort annually to get pet dander, soils, and a fresh overall feel to your home. Now keep it clean by following these tips.

Decorations- ready, set, decorate! Keep in mind that simple is always best. Too much can add clutter and you are the one putting it up after the Holidays!

Holiday Serving-lastly, take out your dishes and serving pieces you want to use to make sure they are clean. Time saved now will make you a better host when the family arrives.

What next?

You’ve done the major deep cleaning, now it’s just maintenance. Keep disposable wipes available under sinks for easy touch ups of sinks, counters, mirrors, and windows. Remember to make sure to avoid using any ammonia on granite counters. Do you have a hand vacuum? Now would be a good time to invest in one. Run dishwasher and a load of clothes/towels daily to keep everything to a minimum. Wipe down faucets daily with your wipes to keep the shine. Check out 14 Daily Habits for a Clean Home

After the Holidays

Store items in boxes labeled by room or location for easy set up next year-kitchen, fireplace, dining room, bathroom, etc. Do you like the way you set everything up? Take a picture and pack it with the boxes. Sure makes remembering easier!

If this sounds like a lot of work- Call us!

We Clean 4 You!

Deep Clean

Basic Clean





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Fish Tales of Conroe is excited to announce the opening of our 5th restaurant at 922 West Dallas (across street from Manny's BBQ) serving a menu of catfish, gumbo, shrimp, chicken, and even fried tomatoes. Community involvement is key to their success and ability to grow. Every Fish Tales has décor from the local fire departments, law enforcement, and schools proudly displaying the things that matter to them.

Fish Tales recently sponsored an event in New Caney that was able to raise $4,000 for underprivileged children in East Montgomery County.

'I grew up with a single mom, and I witnessed the challenges she faced. Investing in our community is investing in our future. You only win”, said Scott Harpling, owner of Fish Tales.

Fish Tales offers fried, blackened, and grilled fish, chicken, and tacos. Eating in, to go orders, and catering for special events is easily arranged. Fish Tales has 3 Food Trucks that often participate in local festivals or charity benefits.