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Flowers are a way of telling someone you are thinking of them, you are sorry, congratulations, or that you hope they feel better soon. The history of flower giving goes back thousands of years. Egyptians adorned funerals and tables with flowers to symbolize religious beliefs. Greeks and Romans awarded athletes with garland and laurel wreaths to honor achievement. It was considered to be impolite for Victorians to show their emotions, and sent flowers as an acceptable form of expression. Floriography is the art of communicating through bouquets and flower arrangements. Today flowers are sent to make someone feel good and valued.


Flowers Effect Moods

Research at Rutgers University discovered that there is definitely a link between flowers and moods. People feeling low almost immediately felt better after receiving flowers. Flowers offer a healing touch, make us feel happy and less stress. The research revealed that people who send flowers instead of other gifts tend to be successful, thoughtful, caring and emotionally balanced individuals. Traditionally only men sent flowers. Today both men and women receive and send flowers for many occasions. Giving flowers sends the message that you are in tune with your own feelings and want to share the feeling with others. Both the giver and the recipient win big with flowers. Females that receive flowers tend to have a smile on their face that persists for days.

 What message do different arrangements mean?

Victorians came up with their own rules for flower giving. If you were to present a bouquet of red roses upside down-that meant you were angry with them. If you offered a flower with the right hand-it meant “yes”, the left hand means-“no”. Flower arrangements have different meanings too. The lily symbolizes beauty, roses have always been representative of love, and junipers for protection. Burned juniper berries release a perfume believed to ward off evil spirits. Lavender has a fragrance that lowers stress and brings good luck. Sunflowers can represent loyalty, dedication, and boldness! And they are happy!


Do you have a “crush” on someone and want to let them know through flowers? Send a bouquet of gardenias to show that you have fallen in love. In a long term relationship and want to demonstrate that you do not take them for granted? An orchid represents beauty, maturity and femininity with simple elegance.

Your florist will be able to assist with the right arrangement to bring happiness to the recipient. Often times the simple pleasure comes from a hand-picked bouquet from a child!

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